Women in Leadership's Mission Statement:

Women in Leadership (WIL) is committed to honoring the legacy of women leaders by engaging them in its mission, “Devoted to America’s founding ideals and to public service.”

 As a project of The Washington Times Foundation, Women in Leadership (WIL) encourage the highest ideals in cultural values and public mindedness in an effort to build bridges of understanding. WIL aims to bring women leaders together beyond any specific political leaning or religious tradition, through reaching out to the community, building co-prosperity, affirming religious and racial harmony, and stable families.

Executive Committee

Alexa Fish Ward

Reiko Jenkins

Olga Kenedy

Cindy Pfeiffer

For inquiries and questions please contact our team:

Cindy Pfeiffer: cpfeiffer@twtfoundation.org

Past Webinar

The Influence and Leadership of the United States First Ladies: Perspectives of the Chiefs of Staff and Key Personnel

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